Global Femicide Watch Platform

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Global Femicide Watch Platform

The platform provides selected, high-quality information on the issue of femicide - the gender related killings of women and girls - for policy and decision-makers at all levels, actors from the criminal justice system, practitioners, civil society activists, academics, and individuals concerned with this horrible phenomenon. It is based on and the result of the work of the former ACUNS Vienna Liaison Office's Femicide Team.

A prototype of this Knowledge Platform was presented and launched in May 2017 on occasion of the 26th session of the UN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice. An upgraded platform version was launched one year later, in May 2018. It now provides / will provide:

  • key information on the issue of femicide (core definitions, facts, figures, official statistics)
  • recommendations issued by relevant stakeholders
  • landmark documents issued by key partners/major players
  • an interactive knowledge base of good practices in multiple areas
  • individual case dossiers and timelines
  • direct access to experts and practitioners from around the world and across disciplines.

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