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The UNSA is an informal working group of UN practitioners and academics, dedicated to actively create and promote an interdisciplinary, UN-focused field of studies: UN Studies.

The purpose of the association is to foster collaboration on UN Studies-related issues and raise awareness about this new field of study.

As a registered member of our  online community UNSAnet, you are able to network and communicate with peers from around the world, to develop and discuss new ideas, as well as to build and share academic knowledge concerning UN Studies.

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The Journal of International Organisation Studies: Our Fall 2013 issue covers the history of women in the LON and UN, state capacity to negotiate in international organizations, EU-Africa relations in handling the Libya crisis and regional integration in Africa. For more information, click here.

UNSA will attend the 2014 ACUNS Annual Meeting "Global Governance: Engaging New Norms and Emerging Challenges" in Istanbul, June 19-21, 2014. We will propose a panel on "Innovation in UN Studies". Learn more about the panel proposal.

More information about UNSA's presentation at the 2013 AM in Lund, Sweden, can be found here.  

  Mindfulness in Peace Care - a new UNSA project! We aim to develop a mindfulness-based training for civilian personnel involved in peace and development work to foster and increase personal development and skills („emotional and social intelligence"), self-awareness, resilience, and self-management. To learn more about the project, click here.
Regional Academy on the United Nations: For more information on the RAUN program and its 2013/2014 activities, including a report on the Ljubljana meeting in September 2013, please take a look at the special RAUN section on this website.

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