UN Studies Association

The UN Studies Association: A global knowledge network of UN practitioners and academics

We are dedicated to actively create and promote innovative, interdisciplinary and practice-oriented studies with a clear focus on the UN system. The UNSA was founded in 2007 in New York City and is not affiliated with the UN.

The purpose of our association is to foster innovation, excellence and collaboration on all issues of relevance to UN research, teaching and (political) practice. We aim to raise awareness about all facets of the UN work and are specifically interested in promoting the next UN generation and the use of digital technologies. As a member of our network, we invite you to connect and exchange with peers from all around the world to develop and discuss new ideas as well as to build and share new UN-focused knowledge.

Learn more about our most current platform initiatives, our history, or consider to contribute to our own Journal on International Organization Studies, now in its eigth year.

2008 UNSA Business Meeting in Vienna

Results of the UNSA Business Meeting on November 23, 2008, in Vienna

15 participants - representing ACUNS, the University of Vienna (various faculties), the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, the University of Montenegro, the European University in Skopje, and the Austrian Science and Research Liaison Office Ljubljana - met at the Juridicum (Law School Building) on Sunday, November 23, for an info

Journal of International Organizational Studies

Journal of International Organizational Studies

JIOS is a peer-reviewed journal launched by UNSA in 2009 that seeks to encourage the creation of a distinct field of international organizations studies.

It aims to provide a window into the state of the art in international organizations research, and function as a platform for interdisciplinary dialog on international organizations.

The journal was first published in 2010.

Global Femicide Watch Platform

Global Femicide Watch Platform

The platform provides selected, high-quality information on the issue of femicide - the gender related killings of women and girls - for policy and decision-makers at all levels, actors from the criminal justice system, practitioners, civil society activists, academics, and individuals concerned with this horrible phenomenon. It is based on and the result of the work of the former ACUNS Vienna Liaison Office's Femicide Team.