With UNSAnet, the UNSA offered a web-based social community platform for academics and practitioners interested in engaging in a virtual dialogue on UN Studies. With our plan to turn the website into a state-of-the-art multistakeholder UN expert platform; the UNSAnet became inactive in 2015.

Our Online Community enabled members to:

  •   become visible in the UN Studies community by creating your own UN Studies profile
  •   share your research and teaching material with others
  •   search for people and topics
  •   find other people with the same research or teaching interests
  •   participate in or launch project-related discussions

Key features included:

  • your UN Studies profile including research and teaching interests
  • your personal cybershelf to upload any kind of UN Studies material you wish to share with other community members
  • your personal dashboard that displays all recent activities
  • list of all members
  • friendship feature to add members to your personal friends' list or to invite others to join the community
  • private messages to easily communicate with other members
  • joint discussion forum to introduce and discuss UN Studies matters and topics