UNSA Dialogue 3 - 2011

Date & Dial-in information

The call will likely take place on a Thursday in early March, at 6 p.m MET/ noon EST. We will post more information, including dial-in information, soon.

Suggested discussion topics

  • Practitioners' views on the UN: What do practitioners know?
  • How can their (tacit) knowledge be translated into teaching material?


Using Michael Polanyi's definition of 'tacit knowledge', practitioners often 'know more than they can tell'. In our last round call we briefly discussed the difference in perspectives on the UN that holds between academics and practitioners (see here) . Some participants requested to reconsider this issue in a new roundcall in order to have a more in-depth-going exchange of ideas.

This dialogue is also aimed to prepare the ground for the upcoming conference on connecting UN practitioners and academics in Vienna, February 28 and March 1, at the UNO-City.


6pm - 6.15pm: Welcome and introduction: What's new at UNSA, upcoming Vienna conference on connecting practitioners and academics.

6.15pm - 7.15pm: Joint discussion.